What You Can Do

What can you do to make your community healthier and more just?

Whether or not you are a member of an organized faith community, you can work toward policies which address the underlying determinants of health

Consider, how does your spirituality inspire you to work for the common good? 

After reviewing What We Do and resources on the Learn & Act pages - especially How People of Faith Are Building Healthier Communities - share with us what connections you see between faith & health that you didn't see before.

Let us know via our Contact page or through social media. 

What are the top health concerns in your community and how can you play a role in addressing them? Some ideas:

 - Bring in experts for education/awareness on common chronic diseases, ensuring they are in language and culturally competent.

 - Learn more about infrastructure and policies that disproportionately impact the health of your community and work to change them. For example, does your congregation have easy access to fresh produce? Are there safe spaces for children to play? Are there high numbers of health-harming businesses - like fast food outlets, liquor stores, and places that sell tobacco and vaping products?

 - Partner with other faith groups and communities to collectively bring attention to public health needs for your congregations.


For faith partners:

Start a health ministry at your house of worship. The Health Ministries Association defines health ministries as including “the many ministries of a faith community that promote wholistic health.” Resources for beginning a health ministry can be found through the Health Ministries Association

Christian communities can reflect on the study guide, When Populations Become the Patient (from the Catholic Health Association of the USA). 


Other faith-focused resources:

American Muslim Health Professionals

Catholic Health Association of the USA: Social Determinants of Health

Episcopal Church Foundation: Four Steps to a Public Health Ministry

Franciscan Action Network

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Islamic Medical Association of North America

Poor People's Campaign

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism: Advocacy Issues

Seventh-day Adventist Church: Health Ministries

United Church of Christ: Health and Wholeness Advocacy Ministries

United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society: Health

World Council of Churches: Health and Healing